MirandaFinalHow it Works
Live Healthy. Nutrition for Life.

We help you live a healthier, happier & better quality life.

Contact Grand Traverse Nutrition to schedule your appointment with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Miranda Monroe. You will receive a link via  an e-mail to your secure client portal to complete a Nutrition and Health History questionnaire  prior to your appointment.

Having this information ahead of time means we can spend more of our time together on planning and strategies that focus on key areas for your goals.

Documents also included for your reference – HIPAA and Notice of Policies and Client Commitment.

1. Consult

We meet to learn about and define your goals for food and nutrition therapy.

Together, we’ll complete an in-depth food history and identify lifestyle areas and any changes that will support your goals.

We’ll agree on a plan of action that may include nutrition coaching, meal planning, and nutrition education for your performance, health and wellness goals.

After this session, Miranda will compile a nutritional assessment of your needs and prepare your personalized nutritional plan.

2. Coach

Easy to use meal plans and easy to follow advice are the first step to attaining your fitness and nutritional goals.
Bite-by-bite we’ll review the tools and information you need to get started on your plan.

You’ll leave with specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, timely (SMART) goals and mutually agreed upon actions to begin realizing your long term results.

3. Success!

Live healthier, be happier, and perform stronger than ever with our personalized road map to a better you.

Successful nutrition therapy also involves behavior change and the positive results you achieve strongly depend on your commitment and effort to planning and follow through for sustainable changes to your healthy eating lifestyle.

We are here to support you through nutrition check-in e-mails between appointments and face-to-face follow-up meetings to celebrate your successes, re-evaluate challenges and make adjustments to your plan as you work toward your goals.