Nutrition Book & Product Recommendations
We recommend a number of products.

Our clients often ask us what products and recipes do we use or which foods do we eat or recommend.

While Grand Traverse Nutrition always advocates for whole foods first, sometimes we need a little help. Minimally and thoughtfully processed foods add convenience in our busy lifestyles, and variety so that we can enjoy how we fuel our bodies, yet feel and perform our best.

Here you’ll find some of our “recommended” foods, essential kitchen tools and coveted recipe books.

The food list is by no means inclusive, but those included are here because of one or more criteria – they are minimally processed, use limited preservatives, colors or flavorings, whole grain, have minimal to no added sugars and salt, contain healthy fats or high quality protein, smart carbs, or have phytonutrient / antioxidant virtues.

Recommended Food and Nutrition Books

Kitchen & Cooking Accessories

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