Grand Traverse Nutrition: Pricing

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General Nutrition, Weight Management, Wellness & Prevention Services

*Three Great Package Options for a Healthy You

Smartest Nutrition Package

$375 – 6 sessions – Includes

Smarter Nutrition Package

$285 – 4 sessions – Includes

Smart Nutrition Package

$245 – 3 sessions – Includes

Nutrition only “Check-Up”

**Looking for a Nutrition only “Check-Up” or a specific Nutrition Coaching & Education session

Nutritional Assessment

$125 – single session (~ 60 – 90 minutes)

Follow-up Sessions: $80 – per hour  - Receive Additional Support for:

Sports Nutrition & Performance Services

Looking for a Sport Specific plan; Ironman / Triathlon fueling; Body composition optimization; Hydration plans

Performance Nutrition Package*

$375 – 5 sessions – includes

*based on your typical daily training plan and rest/recovery day needs for off, pre-, or in-season goals

 $75 per additional plan – includes

(based on low-moderate intensity; high-intensity; or multiple sessions per day training schedule; carb-loading or competition day plans)

Monthly Nutrition Coaching / Feedback: $80 per month – includes

Medical Nutrition Therapy** & Recovery services

Looking for a Sport Specific plan; Ironman / Triathlon fueling; Body composition optimization; Hydration plans

Medical Nutrition Assessment

Assessment: $ 125 – single session (~ 60 – 90 minutes) – includes

Follow-up MNT Sessions: $ 80 – per hour 

** Registered Dietitians implement evidenced-based practice, along with professional judgment, in order to achieve optimum care and positive nutrition and health outcomes.

Evidence supports that an initial visit lasting 45-90 minutes and at least two (2) to six (6) follow-up visits (30-60 minutes) can lead to improved dietary patterns; improved blood pressure; improved glucose control and A1C, improved serum lipid profile (reduced plasma total cholesterol, LDL-C, and triglycerides); and improved weight status.

Nutrition therapy provided from six (6) to twelve (12) months reported sustained health benefits beyond 1 year.**

Food Sensitivities

Mediator Release Testing (MRT)*: MRT Kit price upon request – includes

MRT results review: $125 (~ 60 – 90 minutes) – includes

ImmunoCalm follow-up: $ 80 – per hour 

Business & Food Industry Consultation / Group Presentations

Based on specific services required; please inquire

Please Note: Grand Traverse Nutrition, LLC is a fee-for-service provider and does not bill medical insurance. Your health plan may or may not offer coverage for nutrition therapy. Upon your request, you will be provided with an itemized receipt (Superbill) that you can submit to your health insurance company, Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) for any eligible reimbursement.