Grand Traverse Nutrition Testimonials

Working with Miranda on my meal planning is a great experience- something I never thought I would say about managing my diet!

I am a Type 1 diabetic and find it hard to find resources that fit my lifestyle. Miranda’s suggestions and great shopping and meal planning lists have opened up a whole new world for me. Instead of feeling limited and bored, her suggestions have helped me get more active in the kitchen making modified versions of some of my favorite foods.

Most importantly, she listens to me and my needs instead of giving generic, one-size-fits all advice. Her approach has made changing my eating into a comfortable new lifestyle instead of a drastic, unsustainable change.”
Amy S.
Traverse City, Michigan
Having a bit of roller coaster weight issues my entire life, I had always assumed that I knew it all and just needed to apply myself and get serious. I didn’t know it all.

With Miranda’s help, we analyzed my average diet and concluded that my calories were too back end loaded and that I needed to eat the majority of calories while I was active during the day. I even added some midday snacks. I certainly eat more strategically now, in and around my workouts, and dinners have shrunk. Big changes and great results. Thanks Miranda!
Mick S.
Traverse City, Michigan
Miranda is a supportive, encouraging nutrition coach. She is able to translate her knowledge and expertise into practical, usable information while helping her clients set meaningful, realistic goals.

I really like her practical approach to challenges that are common to all of us, like how to manage coming home after a busy day at work and being hungry while wondering what to have for dinner.

She has great suggestions for putting together quick, healthy, vegetable-laden meals, and encourages planning and prepping ahead for the busy work week.

I have found her especially helpful in my own challenges related to healthy nutrition for an active and busy lifestyle. Miranda has extensive knowledge related to sports and nutrition, and offers great suggestions for managing energy needs related to activity, while being mindful not to overdo it.

I enjoy seeing Miranda on a regular basis throughout the year. For me, I consider her my nutrition coach who helps me stay on track as I maneuver through various challenges and stages in my life. Her feedback and insight are invaluable. The investment in yourself and your family is worth it.

***Another thought***

Miranda readily shares her expertise and practical approach to nutrition, and discourages nutrition fads. She is willing to explore these with you but in the end, always circles back to a common-sense, and practical approach to nourishing yourself. ***
Julie Botsford
Traverse City, Michigan
Miranda gave me an understanding of the variety of foods available and how to mix and match them to create a better balanced meal. I also increased awareness of my energy needs and hunger levels, which helped me focus on what to eat, how much and when. We targeted specific snacks to help manage my hunger between meals and overall, my daily food intake actually increased, but I lost weight. I was surprised how much I could eat and still lose weight!
Todd Ciolek
Glen Arbor, Michigan
As I begin my life’s journey into my mid-seventies, I feel most grateful to be able to have the guidance of a professional nutritionist. I began this regimen in September 2014 and intend to continue the path and formula, which have been created especially for me and my individual needs.

Upon my initial visit, Miranda Monroe listened with great care as I described my wishes and my specific goals, my current issues and concerns. With my second appointment the following week, Miranda had a preliminary sketch, which addressed very clearly all of my thoughts and ideas.

From there we discussed numerous facets, ran the numbers, so to speak, and put her plan for me into action immediately. I had a map, I followed it, I began to solve the problems at hand and as a result, after these first four months, I have achieved valuable results for my health and well-being.

As this New Year begins, I will continue to stay the course and to consult with Miranda when necessary, as she tweaks my personal profile. I have peace of mind knowing that what I do day by day enables me to maintain my health and my strength. I intend to make this a great decade!

This program established for me is not only a new beginning but also a most sensible and logical way of life.”
Emma W
Traverse City, Michigan
Miranda is wonderful! She helped me figure out practical steps that I am using now to improve my health and fitness levels. She provided encouragement as well as useful information and creative solutions. I highly recommend her services.
Linda Forster
Traverse City, Michigan
One of the first things that Miranda told me was that I wasn’t eating enough. You have to love that! Miranda has been empowering me on my journey to making healthy balanced choices for my food.

She goes as slow as I need to go. One little bite at a time.

I would recommend anyone no matter where they are in there health program to seek out Miranda’s help. She can help in ways you can’t even imagine!
Sue Jameson
Empire, Michigan
I was training for my first full Ironman and was always running out of energy during training. I have a degree in exercise science so figured I knew how to eat properly. A friend recommended Miranda and I finally went.

What an amazing experience!

She tailored a meal plan based on MY food choices which made it easy to follow. I completed my race a full hour faster than planned for and really never felt tired. Miranda has my full endorsement!!!!
Jim Harvey
Traverse City, Michigan
Miranda has been such an asset to my personal life, she has helped me nurture myself physically, mentally, and spiritually.  She has encouraged me to use tools available to me to eat right and exercise, has gotten to know my personal habits (and weaknesses), and has challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone.

  Her knowledge of fitness and nutrition is exceptional – and yet it feels like I’m talking to a good friend, someone I have no problem sharing my weaknesses with.  I would highly recommend her services.
Diane Lundin
Traverse City, Michigan
I have taken much more of an interest in nutrition as I’ve gotten older. I have stayed very active, and have believed for some time that I have not been eating in a beneficial manner. I had a couple of meet-ups with Miranda, where we discussed in detail my current eating habits, and what I hoped to gain by improving my habits.

Miranda has a pleasant personality, easy to interact with, and is obviously very knowledgeable about nutrition. Miranda clearly explained to me the benefits of eating throughout the day and not skipping meals, the importance of portion size (hint, you need to shrink your portions), and the amount of calories contained in all of the types of food I’m usually eating. Since I’m also very active, she helped me come up with food and meals to eat that would fuel my xc skiing and biking, and help keep me from “bonking” out.

I would definitely recommend meeting with Miranda, you will learn more about how to fuel your body during the work day and while out on the trails!”
Joe M.
Traverse City, Michigan
I have had gastrointestinal discomfort most of 48 years of life. I decided to seek help after 4 months of continuous discomfort and not knowing the cause. Miranda at Grand Traverse Nutrition was referred to me by a respected colleague of hers.

At our initial appointment, Miranda spent an hour with me, assessing my eating, hydration, and activity habits. She was very engaging and informative, introducing me to various subdivisions of food groups. She suggested a food and mood journal along with an elimination diet – eliminating some known irritants and sensitivities with a follow-up re-introduction of those food groups.

I learned to listen to my body and the challenge of the new eating habits was surpassed by the immense improvement in my quality of life. I began to eat better, feel better and move better. Although weight loss was not a focus point, it was a bonus.

What I liked best about Miranda was that she was very accessible throughout all stages of my nutrition plan and her follow-up was greatly appreciated. I would feel comfortable recommending Grand Traverse Nutrition to anyone having diet related issues needing a unique and productive approach to taking control of their personal health.
Jean Clous
Traverse City, Michigan
What I found most helpful about Miranda was the way she listened to me describe my lifestyle and past experiences with diets and weight gain/loss, and that she tailored her advice to my situation. She was never judgmental.

She provided me with really useful tips, and helped me to identify my problem areas and ways to adopt better eating habits that I can sustain over the long-term. If someone is looking for quick weight-loss or fad diets, she is not the one to see. Anyone looking for help making permanent changes for better health would benefit from Miranda’s advice.
Sue C.
Green Lake Township, Michigan