Grand Traverse Nutrition: Performance

Eat to WIN!

For Individuals & Teams

Whether you are an elite, competitive or recreational athlete, or someone just starting physical activity program, Miranda translates the latest evidence from sports nutrition research into practical strategies for your performance goals.

Assessing food intake and timing in relation to training and competitive schedules, then formulating food plans that put the art and science of nutrition on your plate, Grand Traverse Nutrition’s Recipe for Performance will help you prevent injury, support training and event recovery, achieve peak competitive performance, and optimal body composition.

Half of the fitness equation is feeling strong and working out hard, the other half is how you fuel your body to gain that competitive edge.

Sports & Performance Nutrition

  • Body Composition optimization – gain muscle mass, lose body fat
  • Nutrient timing and periodization – properly timed and portioned meals and snacks to fuel training and performance
  • Pre-competition meal plans
  • Fueling plans during practice or endurance events
  • Recovery nutrition plan to support training adaptations, improve stamina and performance and reduce risk of injury
  • Travel nutrition plans
  • Sweat rate calculation and individual hydration plans
  • Supplement use and education